False Start to my Japanese garden!

I had pretty major false start which required a considerable amount of rework! This was to do with the stream on mezzanine 1 and 2 levels. Essentially, rather than choosing to create a simple stream over a stone bed, I decided to use five interconnected mini pools separated by mini dams built from granite setts. These can be seen in the photos below.

I encountered two substantial problems (a) The water didn't 'seem to flow' and thus destroyed the perception of a stream, and (2) water leaked around the edges and bottom of the dams! Eventually I decided to tear out all the ponds out and replace them with a simple stream as shown in the photos on the other pages. This was much more simple arrangement and much better! I should have done this in the first place and saved myself considerable time and effort!

Oh well, least said the better I suppose...

The new simplified design can be seen on the pages describing mezzanine 1 level. It not only looks better - it sounds better as well!

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