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How to build and design a Japanese garden

Autumn 2003: The garden is now pretty much finished so this year will be dedicated to building the the teahouse creating sister "My Japanese Teahouse" web site.

Spring 2011: We have now undertaken a major spring cleaning of the garden - the biggest since I built it - and it's taken three weeks of hard work. All I have to do to finish is re-string the bamboo fences that we have just linseed oiled. You can see the results of our efforts in the 2011 section of the contents list.

"Your garden is simply beautiful. at least you made a reality what millions out there could only dream of. IU am an oriental but I have this deep fascination about Japanese gardens. Unfortunately i can only go on dreaming."
You have such a passion for Japanese gardens and I just wanted to let you know how inspired I am!"
I've really enjoyed your various exploits on the web - the teahouse, Japanese garden and the extension. I'm building a house at the moment and want to include a Japanese garden so your projects have been inspirational."
"I just wanted to let you know that I have just spent a couple of hours looking at both your Japanese Garden & your Tea House, I must say....what a beautiful job...both Garden & Tea House are just gorgeous"

My Japanese garden in April 2011

I also grow bonsai trees, so I have a few specimens that I am sure will find their way into the garden somewhere. I saw several gardens on my last trip to Tokyo and you can see some of the inspiring photographs I took here. I particularly like trained black and white pines and clump azaleas.

You can find many sites dedicated to Japanese gardens on the internet, even quite a few in the UK. But actually tracking down down a source of all the required materials can present quite a challenge. So on this web site I will try and identify the source of all my materials and provide appropriate contact information. Enjoy.


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