The garden in Spring (2003)

Japonica in in mid-March

Not sure what this is!

The budding trident maple

Prunus pendula Pendula Rosea - flowering cherry

 The budding wisteria

 The wisteria fully out

A lone Fritilliary

The iris pond bursting into shoots

The iris pond soon to flower I think

Azaleas beginning to flower

Azaleas beginning to flower

Magnolia 'Susan' coming into flower

Fremontodendron 'Californian Glory'

Fresh new leaves...

 Flowering azalea

Flowering azalea

The azalea in the teahouse garden next to the pond

 Iris Setosa

 Azalea Japonica at the end of May

Evergreen Azalea in early June

The iris pond coming into bloom

The lower pool

The first Water Lilly

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