Stones for the Japanese Garden

One of my first challenges was to find a source of rocks and stones to use in the garden. After a lot of effort, I only managed to find one source in the UK (I found another later) for the sort of material I was looking for and that was Border Stone in Welshpool, Powys, Wales. As the purchase of the stones was one of the largest outgoings in the project, my wife and I drove over to Welshpool one Friday and stayed overnight in a hotel right in the centre of the town. We spent around three hours exploring the quarry and selecting the type of stones we required for the garden. In fact, I had to personally select and move what turned out to be 2.3 tonnes of large green granite blocks!

Here is my initial attempt at deciding how much of each stone type I would need to order. As it turned out, I was not that far wrong although I didn't really follow my layout plan very closely for some very practical reasons!

The following stones were eventually ordered after a lot of careful consideration and guessimations - natural stones are NOT cheap, especially when they are imported!


Stone Description


Hand-selected large Cambrian green granite - 2.3 tonnes
200 - 300mm Cambrian green rockery granite - 1 tonne
16mm Cambrian green chippings - packs
Rockery moorland black slate - 0.5 tonne
18-24mm imported black stones - 36 packs
35-50mm imported black stones - 28 packs
50-150mm green paddle stones - 6 packs
50-150mm black paddle stones - 9 packs
Purple slate scree - 3-4" - 13 packs
Purple slate scree, small - 17 packs
250-350mm large multi-mix cobbles - 30
125-200mm small multi-mix cobbles - 50
Multi-size reclaimed
'sets' (for walls)

The stone monoliths

Getting the delivered was another matter however! With nearly 6 tonnes of palleted stones how do you get them off the lorry? We solved the problem by hiring a fork-lift truck from a local hire centre at great expense - it needed to be of robust design as each pallet weighed in at 1 tonne.

The garden stones just after delivery.
There seemed to be an awful lot of stone!

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