Tea House (Roji) Garden

The slate stones in their final position

The path following a bit of cleaning.

The azalea next to the path

The Tea house near complete in August 2003

August 21st 2003: Now that the teahouse is nearly finished I can complete the roji garden. The first task - and the hardest! - is to dig!

 Digging the roji garden to remove the grass

 The use of a hired rotovator helps!

August 25th 2003: I've now finished clearing the ground and created yet another mountain of rubbish to take to the rubbish tip. The main shrubs Have now been located and the next job is to lay the liner before laying the Welsh green granite. I'll probably use Cambrian green granite chippings around the base of the shrubs.

Magnolia 'Susan' in its final position

Japanese maple in it final position

Prunus pendula Pendula Rosea in its final position

The dog getting in the way as usual...

Seems like an early Christmas, but no, it's the weed suppressing liner

Using 16mm green granite chippings and small boulders - just a couple of
Azaleas needed now.

August 29th 2003: Here comes some hard work now as I've just taken delivery of the stones for the Roji garden- and it all has to be barrowed up to the top of the garden by hand.

Placing 0.7 tonnes of VERY heavy Himalaya boulders around the roji

Four tonnes of 40mm Welsh green slate after delivery

The first six barrow loads of slate laid!

August 30th 2003: Spent the day barrowing two tonnes of slate and called it a day - shattered - at 15:00 having decided that we will finish the last tonne in the morning. When wet the green slate really does look like a choppy sea.

Gradually covering the ground

Near the garden gate

Looking towards the teahouse

Just the last corner to do!

August 31st 2003: Done!

 All the slate ahs been laid...

 Just a few finishing touches at the edges to sort out.

 The traditional 'bound stone' symbolising entry into a different world.

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